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Membership is opened to anyone interested in the lifestyle and folklore of Hawaii. We welcome all persons who wish to participate and contribute to those ideals and practices.


To be eligible for membership you must be at least 18 years of age. Members in good standing must attend at least one General Membership Meeting a year, typically held every quarter and on the second Monday.

Please click to download the flyer. There's 2 flyers to a page so do give the other to a potential member!

    DATE: See flyer
    TIME: 6:30p PT

Please email webmaster@hohsac.org with your email address to get onto the email list or click on the What's Up Hui calendar above for directions, details, and other events.

Annual club dues are $30.00 per household or $20.00 per single member per calendar year. These dues includes hula instruction per calendar year for both household or single member.

And, if you're interested in hula, please contact us at hula@hohsac.org.

Membership Form 2020

And, if you're applying for membership, please (1) complete & sign (click): the membership form, (2) attach / mail your general membership and (3) attend at least one membership meeting to maintain your voting rights. Certainly, if you are attending a meeting, please turn in your signed application to the Hui Membership Secretary. Any questions? Contact our Membership Secretary at membership@hohsac.org.

Waiver Form 2020

If you are participating in any Hui sponsored events this year, please complete all required sections of the Northern CA Outrigger Canoe Association online-digital Release of Liability Waiver form AFTER FEBRUARY 1st. Any date prior is for the previous year. Download this tutorial guide to print out a step-by-step visual HOW TO: [name]


Click here > NCOCA Waiver Form. Read this document.

Click the appropriate button after "Please select who will be participating" then click CONTINUE button.

Complete the waiver form with all required (*) sections: Participant's Name, Participant's Date of Birth, Participant's [digital] Signature, Participant's Address, Email Address, Club Name "Hui 'O Hawaii" and Electronic Signature Consent.

Go to your email and look for Northern California Outrigger Canoe Asso with subject line "Please Confirm your E-Signature on the NCOCA Waiver (for your name)".
You're not done until you click the green button CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS.
You are done with you see the screen "You're done. Thank you for electronically signing the NCOCA waiver."

Got questions? Contact our Waiver Person at waiver@hohsac.org.

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Hui o Hawaii

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